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  1. BART receives a report of a bias-motivated incident.
  2. A BART co-chair will contact the reporting party (if possible) to acknowledge receipt of the report and gather any additional information.
  3. BART will meet to review the new report and determine next steps. BART meets every other Friday and as needed.
  4. BART will design a response plan based on the best available information. Responses to a bias incident will vary according to the nature of the incident and the individuals involved. Responses could include the following:
    • Educational conversations
    • Mediation, facilitated dialogue, etc.
    • Educational referrals
    • Resolution agreements
    • Referrals to other offices and/or programs

    If a report includes a possible violation of the Student Code(link), the matter will be forwarded to the Student Discipline System.

  5. Once a response plan has been developed, a BART member will contact the reporting party to inform them of the team’s plan and to assist with any necessary accommodations.
  6. If the reporting party objects to the team’s plan, then BART will consider those objections and either revise the response plan or proceed with its implementation.